Looking for a Preschool for your lil' one that promotes a happy and healthy environment? Do you want to give your child a Head Start?. Kinderville has operated and managed children's nurseries, daycare centres, elementary schools and, early learning centres since 1990 in Canada, India and the UAE. We are one of the few childcare centres in Dubai offering KG1 & KG2, similar to (EYFS1 & EYFS2) to our students. Kinderville Dubai is approved by KHDA after satisfying very stringent quality requirements.





Planned, prepared and authored by Kinderville’s educators in Canada, the SMARTE system comprises math, sciences, basic skills and language workbooks and course material.

SMARTE is designed to complement classroom activities and follows the Canadian curriculum and standards. Our curriculum is portable to other education systems. The SMARTE workbooks are complemented by IPADs loaded with carefully selected learning tools.

Attending Kinderville adds additional value to a child’s development.moosiereading

Kinderville centres are located in beautifully designed, safe and accessible premises and incorporate a strong but fun curriculum.

Kinderville education is about developing the child’s all round personality in a happy, friendly, warm and caring environment. Our educators strive to create an atmosphere where your child will enjoy exploring the fascinating world around him as he journeys from home to grade school.

Admitting your child at Kinderville is simple and quick. There are somegrow forms to be filled in and some documents to submit to assist us in designing a program for your child and to fulfill local regulatory requirements.

The Centre Director will be pleased to assist you in completing the formalities swiftly and painlessly.

For more information on the admission process and fees, please contact us at corp @

About Kinderville Preschool

History and Mission

Who we are

Ever since we established our first two Kinderville children’s daycare centers and nurseries in September, 1990 on Montreal’s South Shore, we have worked with children, their parents and our educators to provide excellent care and education. We operate two Kinderville Centres in UAE,  preschools at the Dubai Health Care City and the Dubai Investments Park (next to the Green Community). A kinderville Presschool is more than a nursery, providing care and early childhood development with early years learning.

KindervilleUAE centres are under the direct management and supervision of Kinderville Canada’s corporate office.

We invite parents to give their children a head-start by enrolling them in a Kinderville Early Learning Centre.

Our Curriculum

Our belief that a child’s personality is greatly influenced by his experiences in his early years where he learns to explore with his environment and interact with his peers and adults. Our SMARTE curriculum has been designed to enhance a child’s experiences as he explores with fascination, the fascinating world around him.

Our curriculum incorporates the best practices in early childhood development drawn from more than two decades of our work with children in a multicultural environment across Canada and overseas.


The Case for Uniforms

Our uniforms are designed to be aesthetic, practical and comfortable. Rather than buy “off the shelf”, Kinderville’s custom designed uniforms are upgraded every few years in keeping with current trends.

Your children will love them.

The Case for Uniforms

The Implementation of a uniform program at Kinderville is our way of maintaining your child’s safety and ensuring the best possible learning environment. These are just some of the positive associations with wearing school uniforms:

1.Improving the Learning Environment

Children tend to view uniforms as work clothes and take school more seriously. Uniforms have a positive effect on student achievement.

2.Bolstering Self-Confidence

By eliminating a reason to feel self-conscious, uniforms can help improve a child’s confidence and may lead to greater class participation.

3.Increasing Parental Participation

The added responsibility of parents ensuring their children wear uniforms to school leads to a stronger working relationship between school and home.

4.Curtailing Peer Pressure

Uniforms usually reduce the competition among students to wear certain (and nearly always expensive) brands of clothing.

5.Influencing Classroom Discipline

Uniforms promote good behaviour and provide an improved environment for learning.

6.Making Students Safer

No more “gang colours.” With uniforms, there isn’t any reason to rob a student of his or her expensive clothing. Also, people who don’t belong are easy to spot on school grounds

Frequentlyasked Questions

Please feel free to contact us if you have other queries.

Frequently asked Questions


Q1. What programs does Kinderville offer?
Our centres in the UAE open from 7.30 AM till 5.30 PM. Parents will be able to select the timing that suits their needs. Besides the full day program, you may enroll your child for a half day AM or PM program of an extended day program. We strive to be the best Nursery, Preschool and Early Learning centre in the community.

Q2. How many months are you open every year?
A. Our school year is divided into three Terms of a total of 10 months and two months of Summer Camp. In essence, we will be open throughout the year, except on weekends and public holidays.

Q3. What value does Kinderville bring to The Canadian Preschool?
A. As Canada’s leaders in their field, delivering quality care and education since 1990, Kinderville bring their unique expertise to The Kindeville Learning Centres in UAE. We follow, Kinderville’s SMARTE © curriculum, systems and management processes. Educators are trained by Kinderville.

Q.4. Do you provide a bus service?
A. We operate two buses and parents have the option of using these services on a first come basis for a nominal fee.

Fees & charges

Q5. What are your fees?
A.  Our fees are moderate and in line with the fees charged for similar services in the surrounding area. To discuss fee levels, please call us.

Q6. When are fees due?
A. Fees are due two weeks before the beginning of each term.



Q7. Will you provide meals and refreshments?
A. We provide refreshments, snacks and juices to children.

Q8. My child has allergies. How will you protect my child from ingesting foods that may hurt her?
A. We have systems in place to ensure that, once parents inform us that a child has allergies, this information is disseminated to all personnel. We do our best to ensure that the offending foods do not enter our premises.


Q8. What training do educators have?
A. Educators are expected to have certification and/or  an acceptable level of training in early childhood education at least equivalent to Canadian standards.

Q.9. What are your class sizes?
A. We believe that smaller class sizes foster better learning and allow the child to interact more closely with Educators. Therefore, our class sizes will average 10 children per adult, with even smaller class sizes for smaller children. We follow Canadian standards for Nursery and Preschool education.

Q.10. Can I select a particular educator for my child.
A. Children are allocated to groups based upon age and abilities and at the sole discretion of the Centre Administrator.

Communications & Visits

Q.11. Can parents visit?
A. Parents of students are encouraged to visit us at any time during our opening hours.

Q.12. How do you communicate a child’s progress and your activities to parents?
Every child has a daily agenda where the educator writes a summary of the activities for the day. Besides this, we send regular newsletters and other communications to parents outlining activities. Parents are also apprised of the child’s progress through the Parent’s Portal.

Q.13. How can I communicate with Kinderville?
As a parent. you may use the Parent’s Portal – a web based tool to write messages to the Preschool and to the Educator in charge of your child’s group. Moreover, Kinderville conducts Parent Satisfaction Surveys every few months to track  quality.

Q.14. May we view our children on the internet through webcams ?
  After studying legal and social norms,  privacy issues and security, we do not allow the use of webcams in our centres. The internet is largely unregulated and it is possible for images of your children being misused. And while, we have deployed state of the art IT to manage our schools worldwide, computer labs to teach and the Parents Portal to communicate with parents, we have decided to not use technology where it is unsafe



Admissions are simple

Admissions to Kinderville Learning Centres.


Each Centre is open from 7.30 AM to 5.30 PM, Sunday to Thursday. We offer several options for parents.

  • Standard Mornings: 7.30 AM till 1.00 PM
  • Afternoons: 1.00 PM till 5.30 PM
  • Extended Day: 7.30 Am till 3.00 PM
  • Full Day: 7.30 AM till 5.30PM 

Before admission, each child  undergoes a personal assessment evaluating academic and social skills to ensure that the child is placed in a group in which he or she would be comfortable. Children grow to become very much part of the Kinderville family as they progress through our programs.

Please feel free to call  us at to discuss any questions that you may  have concerning  admissions or our programs and how a kinderville preschool is different from a kinderville nursery.

Since class sizes are small, places are limited. To avoid disappointment, please contact us to reserve a place for your child.

To complete the admission process, we will require:

1. Completed registration forms
2. Two Passport sized photographs of the child
3. Two passport sized photos of both parents and others who may receive the child
4. A copy of the child’s birth certificate
5. Passports of the child, parents and others others who may receive the child
6. Residence Visas of the child, parents and others others who may receive the child
7. A map showing the residence of the child
8. Vaccination records of the child
9. Admission forms


Summer Camp Kinderville 2014

Admissions to Camp 2014 (July & August) are open. Please book now as we generally have just a  few places.

Camp Kinderville is Magical!!! Campers, counselors, directors and others come together to create a camp adventure that will never be forgotten,  Camp Kinderville takes place in a completely English setting.

Reservations for the camp may be done online  Clicking here  or by calling:

  • +971 4 420 1102 or +971 56 244 9001 for Dubai Health Care City
  • +971 52 971 0225 for Dubai Investment Park.

The camp program was developed by Kinderville,  Canada. Our Summer camp is open to every child, whether or not our regular student.  As a matter of fact many children attending other schools find our camp enriching.

Please contact us soon to reserve a place.

Sparking creativity at Kinderville

An introduction just under a minute..

Meet our Team

Talented, smart, experienced... quite simply, the best!!

Our success – people we employ. Talented, well trained and totally committed to imparting early learning skills to children, Kinderville employees are a class above the rest.


Operations Manager - Canada

Johanne is based at Kinderville's Corporate office in Montreal's South Shore in Canada and has more than  15 years experience with Kinderville. She is responsible for staff training, operations and quality controls at all Kinderville Centres worldwide.



After working at Kinderville's Ottawa Centre as a Director for several years, Manon coordinates the establishment and management of Kinderville Centres in the UAE.


Operations Manager - GCC

After working at Kinderville Canada for several years, Gayatri has earned a Masters in Social Entrepreneurship in UK, and has recently joined Kinderville UAE as Operations Manager to coordinate staff training, operations and quality control for UAE and the GCC.

The Kinderville Story

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